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  • Could Low Cost-Per-Hire Cost You “A-Level” Talent?February 1, 2017From time to time, a company will think of reducing the use of outside technical recruiters. In fact, it may completely cut out the function altogether. Later on, it will compile statistics in which it claims three people in the recruiting department facilitated 50-100 hires a year and the cost-per-hire was fairly low. Sounds great, right? There’s just one problem.… Read More
  • If The Interview Is Too Easy, Is That A Red Flag?January 24, 2017You get a call from a recruiter from a company where somebody you know works. What should you do? Don’t jump on it just yet.… Read More
  • What Ideas Must Die To Achieve Progress?January 12, 2017What Ideas Must Die To Achieve Progress?Max Planck, the influential German physicist and Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, once said, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents but rather because its opponents eventually die.”… Read More
  • “Alexa, Find Me A Great Candidate.”December 12, 2016“Alexa, Find Me A Great Candidate.”The more we see the advancement of personal digital assistants (first Siri, now Amazon’s Alexa), the more we’re going to ask, “What else can they do for us?” As of right now, the application of these digital assistants is largely on a business-to-consumer level, such as calling you a cab or ordering roses.… Read More
  • Should You Be Doing More Video Interviewing?November 22, 2016Should You Be Doing More Video Interviewing?We notice that a lot of companies are now starting to use video interviewing. At face value, it would seem that this would be a very efficient tool to use as part of the interview process once you’ve identified a certain candidate. However, there are a few challenges associated with video interviewing that you should be fully aware of, so you incorporate it in the right manner if you’re going to go that route.… Read More
  • How To Become An All-Star Interviewer Even If You Aren’t A “Natural”October 28, 2016How To Become An All-Star Interviewer Even If You Aren’t A “Natural”A programmer walks into an interview with a company, one of several he has scheduled in the next few weeks. After each one, he has some thoughts about what he did well and learns what he might’ve done differently. He gains a better insight on the types of questions a hiring manager will ask, from the ones he expected to the occasional curveball he didn’t see coming.… Read More
  • If A Profession Dies, Is That Always A Bad Thing?October 10, 2016There’s a book I’m reading right now called, “The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts.” To be honest, when I was just listening through it early on, my first reaction was that the book should have been called, “The Death of the Professions.”… Read More
  • Have Job Boards Officially Become Yesterday’s News?September 12, 2016Once upon a time, Monster was, well, a real monster in terms of online recruitment. That was about 15 years ago. So when Monster was recently acquired for $429 million by Randstad, an HR and recruitment specialist, it marked yet another significant shift we’re seeing in the online recruitment space.… Read More

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