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  • Why Are Some Jobs Open Forever And What Can We Do About It?December 11, 2017Company A has a job that needs to be filled. After the opening becomes available, one month passes. Then another month and another. Before long, it’s well over six months, which begs the question: Why isn't this job getting filled? On the surface of it, it would look like the company can’t find a qualified candidate. However, my take is that it's probably something else.… Read More
  • Seeing, Not Imagining, The Candidate Is BelievingNovember 30, 2017It’s natural to assume that finding a new role can take a while, especially if the candidate has been with the same company for a very long time. There may be many resumes sent out, a number of interviews with various firms until an ideal match is found and – let’s face it – in cases where a company values youth over experience, being over 40 years old doesn’t necessarily make the job search any easier either.… Read More
  • In Recruiting, Personalization Beats “Blasting” Any DayNovember 10, 2017In Recruiting, Personalization Beats “Blasting” Any DayFrom where I sit, having an inside view of what's going on in the recruiting space, traditional contingency recruiters have expressed how they’re having a hard time in their line of work in recent years.… Read More
  • Do You Need To Be Unhappy To Leave Your Job?October 19, 2017There's this fallacy that I find time and again, that a recruiter – a really good recruiter – can somehow approach a person who is perfectly happy in their job and talk them into leaving that job to work for their client. In practical terms, that rarely works.… Read More
  • Will Hiring Managers Respect Online Education Anytime Soon?October 2, 2017The more that people are truly motivated and self-driven, such as those who put the effort into utilizing online education, the more they will be in a position to do really well. Yet, upon their graduation from an online learning environment, many candidates face an uphill climb for respect on the same level as those who have graduated from a traditional learning environment. Why does this occur and when might it change?… Read More
  • What If Machines Evolve Our Jobs Rather Than Take Them?September 14, 2017What If Machines Evolve Our Jobs Rather Than Take Them?A lot of the discussions I see around machine learning and AI appear to assume that, when we talk about a shift of any kind, there’s going to be a complete replacement of 100% human work with 100% machine work. However, I don’t necessarily see that picture the same way people paint it. Instead, I see new opportunities on a grand scale potentially opening up for people. Here’s why: What we’re seeing is not an overnight transformation but a multiple step progression that will happen over time. As it does, there’s room for a smooth transition period to occur in which people adapt into new roles that meet new demands. This seems far more realistic than the idea that jobs will suddenly vanish one day and leave millions of people without career options the day after.… Read More
  • What’s The Real Story On Chicago’s Tech Hub Status?August 28, 2017There seems to be some real disagreement in the press lately about Chicago’s place in the world as a technology hub. Is our city truly the next Silicon Valley and one of the rising tech hubs in the world? Or are we allowing news of the latest tech success stories to cloud our judgment?… Read More
  • Why Coding Bootcamps and Online Learning Matter More Than EverAugust 16, 2017Why Coding Bootcamps  and Online Learning Matter More Than EverIn recent years, computer coding “bootcamps” in which students can get up to speed quite quickly on a particular programming language have seemed to become a hot trend. Even so, I’m sure there are some who ask, “Are these bootcamps and online learning environments a viable option to consider alongside some of the more traditional avenues of education?” In my opinion, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.”… Read More

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