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  • Picking Winners In Tech's Next Stage And Building A Career Around OneJuly 13, 2018There's a school of thought among some in the technological space that as advanced as we humans have become at coding, code generated by machines is getting better all the time. Still, the future lies with people who can leverage the code that machines are generating for us. We still have such a fundamental role to play in the relationship with machines, as in what we can actually train machines to learn and do for our benefit.… Read More
  • All Signs Point To Chicago Sitting Atop Crypto SpaceJuly 2, 2018The cryptocurrency business continues to grow and it might actually be reaching its highest level here in Chicago. We're seeing a number of companies growing or moving to Chicago in that space.… Read More
  • Not Loving That Programming Language? When To Move On And Find A New One.May 9, 2018An annual survey was just done by a developer-focused website that offered up a variety of insights to me, but one in particular caught my eye and showed there may be a distinctive gap at times between what programmers like to learn and use what they should want to use.… Read More
  • Your Tech Skills Have A 3-Year Half-Life: Where Do You Go From Here?May 3, 2018In many cases, the vast majority of our clients considering a software developer for hire these days may ask that developer to do a project as a test. During one of those situations recently, a client remarked about a solution that our candidate came up with involving some very modern code. Frankly, that's not something you hear every day.… Read More
  • How To Gauge Your Quality Of Life In The Next JobApril 4, 2018One of our recruiters was recently talking to a candidate who used to live in Chicago and now lives in San Francisco working for one of the top five eCommerce Internet companies in the country. During their conversation, a question came up for the candidate: "I'm curious – if you don't mind me asking, what are the living conditions there in San Francisco for your wife and two kids compared to where you used to be?" His answer: "We live in one bedroom – and we're paying $3,000 a month in rent."… Read More
  • Thinking Like da Vinci: How To Approach Problems As A Genius WouldMarch 22, 2018One of the more fascinating books I've been reading is Walter Isaacson's latest about Leonardo da Vinci. Most of us know Leonardo as a painter and sculptor. However, beyond that, Leonardo's notebooks show us that he also had an incredible level of curiosity and an exceptional ability to represent visually what his eyes would perceive. He was able to discover things on his own that scientists wouldn't discover for hundreds of years. Perhaps the most extreme example of this was when he figured out how the valve of the human heart closes, because a vortex is created when the blood rushes past it.… Read More
  • Could Bitcoin Pave A New Career Path For You?March 13, 2018Being as close to the financial trading sector as we are at Roy Talman & Associates, we can see that a number of financial trading companies are jumping on the bandwagon of trading cryptocurrencies. The core of expertise of trading companies is, of course, trading. For these companies, it's often much more profitable to trade something with high volatility than little volatility. Despite the fact that there are lots of stories about how 2017 was one of the least volatile market years on record, that simply doesn't apply to cryptocurrencies.… Read More
  • The Next Phase Of AI: Beyond The “Hype”March 8, 2018I was recently watching two luminaries in the area of artificial intelligence talk about where AI is at this point. It wasn’t really presented from the point of view that “one algorithm is better than another algorithm," but rather more in terms of how someone in business can make sense out of this new machine age we’re entering.… Read More

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