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  • Could Bitcoin Pave A New Career Path For You?March 13, 2018Being as close to the financial trading sector as we are at Roy Talman & Associates, we can see that a number of financial trading companies are jumping on the bandwagon of trading cryptocurrencies. The core of expertise of trading companies is, of course, trading. For these companies, it's often much more profitable to trade something with high volatility than little volatility. Despite the fact that there are lots of stories about how 2017 was one of the least volatile market years on record, that simply doesn't apply to cryptocurrencies.… Read More
  • The Next Phase Of AI: Beyond The “Hype”March 8, 2018I was recently watching two luminaries in the area of artificial intelligence talk about where AI is at this point. It wasn’t really presented from the point of view that “one algorithm is better than another algorithm," but rather more in terms of how someone in business can make sense out of this new machine age we’re entering.… Read More
  • Moving Your Company At The Speed Of GoogleJanuary 16, 2018For as long as we can remember, Google is held up as a shining example of innovation in many respects. Yet, just as they admire Google, many people will say in the same breath, “Of course, I’m not Google and I don’t have Google resources.”… Read More
  • How Machine Learning Is Heating Up Tech Opportunities In Financial TradingJanuary 9, 2018I was recently part of a panel at the Global Derivatives Conference here in Chicago in which the topic was the application of machine learning. Interestingly, it became clear during our discussion that there are several people who believe machine learning is, basically, the be-all-end-all “Holy Grail” for success in quantitative finance.… Read More
  • When Did We Get So Satisfied With 10% Innovation?December 20, 2017I came across a research study recently that, frankly, surprised even this industry veteran with deep knowledge of the tech space. The study found that of a large business’ typical technology spend, 90% is devoted to preserving the existing state of technology at the company while only 10% is spent on doing something new.… Read More
  • Why Are Some Jobs Open Forever And What Can We Do About It?December 11, 2017Company A has a job that needs to be filled. After the opening becomes available, one month passes. Then another month and another. Before long, it’s well over six months, which begs the question: Why isn't this job getting filled? On the surface of it, it would look like the company can’t find a qualified candidate. However, my take is that it's probably something else.… Read More
  • Seeing, Not Imagining, The Candidate Is BelievingNovember 30, 2017It’s natural to assume that finding a new role can take a while, especially if the candidate has been with the same company for a very long time. There may be many resumes sent out, a number of interviews with various firms until an ideal match is found and – let’s face it – in cases where a company values youth over experience, being over 40 years old doesn’t necessarily make the job search any easier either.… Read More
  • In Recruiting, Personalization Beats “Blasting” Any DayNovember 10, 2017In Recruiting, Personalization Beats “Blasting” Any DayFrom where I sit, having an inside view of what's going on in the recruiting space, traditional contingency recruiters have expressed how they’re having a hard time in their line of work in recent years.… Read More

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