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  • Lessons From Sears: The Peril Of Maintaining Status Quo TechnologyDecember 3, 2018Someone recently came into my office with a background in database management for the financial industry over many years. He asked, "I'm not seeing a lot of needs that entail the use of Oracle products…why is that?"… Read More
  • From Amazon To Google: West Coast Outposts May Shift Chicago's Hiring StrategiesNovember 1, 2018A few months ago, Facebook signed a new lease in the Loop comprising a whopping 263,00 square feet – a space that many speculate can hold 2,000 employees or more.… Read More
  • Winning "The Lottery" On Your Own TermsOctober 10, 2018In our last post, we talked about how some people are drawn to the idea of making it big in an expensive area like New York or San Francisco while working for one of the top companies in the tech space. We often refer to this idea as "winning the lottery."… Read More
  • Picturing The Movie Version Of Your CareerSeptember 24, 2018I've written before about the concept of "The Lottery" as it pertains to certain people who want to have it all in their careers. What's winning the lottery to them?… Read More
  • Why Silicon Valley Is Looking Hard At Chicago For ExpansionAugust 24, 2018I was reading a fascinating story in the Wall Street Journal focusing on a very large software-specific private equity firm that has a unique strategy – when they buy a company that happens to be based in a high cost area, they subsequently try to diversify the geographic location of their talent.… Read More
  • Average Job Tenures Are Shrinking But There's A Hiring Strategy For That.August 9, 2018If there's one observation that can be made in regard to the average employee's longevity at a company, it's that these days, people generally don't stay in one place for very long. By now, the assumption is made by many hiring managers at tech companies that within two or three years, the person they hire today will leave.… Read More
  • Picking Winners In Tech's Next Stage And Building A Career Around OneJuly 13, 2018There's a school of thought among some in the technological space that as advanced as we humans have become at coding, code generated by machines is getting better all the time. Still, the future lies with people who can leverage the code that machines are generating for us. We still have such a fundamental role to play in the relationship with machines, as in what we can actually train machines to learn and do for our benefit.… Read More
  • All Signs Point To Chicago Sitting Atop Crypto SpaceJuly 2, 2018The cryptocurrency business continues to grow and it might actually be reaching its highest level here in Chicago. We're seeing a number of companies growing or moving to Chicago in that space.… Read More

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