By The Time The Ideal Candidate Reads About A Job,
It May Be Too Late.

How Do We Fix The Timing So Everybody Wins?

Having been in business as long as we have at Roy Talman & Associates, we know what financial trading firms are looking for as well as any firm in Chicago and New York. Of course, we also know that by the time the job is actually listed, the search for highly qualified candidates may be well underway.

There’s a way to change this timeframe so both hiring managers and candidates win. It comes from talking to Talman even before a search formally triggered.

That’s right. We want to talk to you before a job is published so the opportunity for the best match can be seized.

This approach is why we have so many close relationships with prop trading firms, hedge funds, money management firms and investment banks. By talking to them constantly and understanding their cultures, we know the kind of skills and personalities that mesh within those environments perfectly.

So when we present them with mid-to-senior-level technology and consulting talent, it’s a recommendation our client is likely to hold in very high regard.

It’s one more reason why Talman is the secret weapon when hiring managers want to build their trading teams. Whether you’re in a position of hiring authority or a candidate seeking a role, talk to us first before you trigger a search. Chances are, we’ll save you a world of time.