When Our Recruiters Are Handling It,
No Search Is Ordinary.

Since 1982, Roy Talman & Associates has built an outstanding reputation for providing the top trading firms and hedge funds with the talent they require to thrive. Our huge footprint in this field has extended from Chicago to New York.

How have we maintained our status as a go-to staple among hiring managers?

Simple. Name how many recruiters have the ability to work with you to customize an entirely new role based on where you want your company to be and then follow through on delivering transformative talent for the role.

Trust us. It’s a short list. Roy Talman’s experience affords us that kind of creativity, so you don’t have to necessarily close the door on an exceptional candidate too soon.

Free yourself from the limitations of what you only thought a search could be. Contact one of our team members today at 312.425.1300 or info@roytalman.com