One Hire With An Unmistakable Impact On A Company.
Who Saw That Coming? Actually, We Did.

Many people can seek talent based on a job description in front of them today. But that view of their potential can be severely limiting. That’s why when we ultimately recommend a candidate to one of our clients at Roy Talman, we’re doing it from a much broader view. We’re envisioning the kind of extraordinary individual who might impact revenue dramatically years from now.

What difference does that make? Plenty.

Here’s what else clients and candidates have said that sets us apart:

  • Meeting In Person With All Parties
    We take the time to get to know your goals for the coming year and your long-term goals as well.Plus, an in-person meeting allows a dialogue of questions and answers to flow more freely.

  • Beyond The Resume And Qualifications
    Chemistry goes a long way. A resume can’t often tell you a lot about personality and the fit between company and candidate. Talman aims to save both parties some valuable time by communicating the cultural style of the work environment upfront.

  • On Top Of Evolving Technologies
    We know what kinds of programming languages and skills that hiring managers are presently looking for. But it’s just as important to understand what’s going to be in demand even before it arrives. That’s not easy for managers or candidates to clearly see. Being such a deep specialist recruiter, Talman can provide that clarity.

  • Will Never Hire Away Anyone We’ve Placed
    If we place a candidate in an environment, we’re honored to be granted the opportunity. So Talman will never pluck the very same candidate we’ve placed out of the environment for another opportunity down the road. It’s part of our ethical DNA as a firm.

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