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Help! A Recruiter Spammed My Resume.
Not long ago, a candidate contacted me in a bit of a panic. A recruiter he had no formal contract with had sent out his resume to a wide variety of potential employers. So what was the problem with that? Plenty.

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Move Where The Puck Is Going To Be
About a year and a half ago, we placed an accomplished software developer in a job. He called us up recently and told us that he needed a replacement for himself because he was going to have a new set of responsibilities within the organization. What makes him unique versus a lot of other people is that he doesn’t ask, “How do we get this done?” but rather “What aren’t we doing that we should be doing?” or “What technology is going to be available soon that we can deploy?”

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Who Needs 2-Step Authentication? Everyone.
In our recent post, “Help! A Recruiter Spammed My Resume,” we talked about how some less-than-ethical recruiters will send resumes to companies without properly checking with the candidate first. But with some checks-and-balances in place regarding the candidate’s permission, such as the company receiving the resume asking the candidate directly if they consented to have their resume presented, some of these issues could be minimized.

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