We work with traders and trading teams. Sometimes we help build trading teams. We also work with quants and developers. The level of candidates varies from very senior to mid-level. Our clients are prop trading firms, trading teams, hedge funds, money management firms, investment banks and exchanges. Technologies: C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, Linux, Window, WAN, FPGA, Kernel Bypass and others.
We work with partner, principal and director level leaders, consulting teams, strategy and tactical technology consultants, providing impact players at all levels who oversee and build practices, drive revenues, and deliver in your most critical situations. We pride ourselves in our ability to view your organizational vision of today, understand and convey your vision of the future, and deliver the best talent to meet your needs. Additionally, our team is proficient in unique situations such as mergers, acquisitions and new business ventures, working to help expand divisions and companies of all sizes.
We place technical managers (usually hands-on), software developers, systems and database administrators, network engineers and other IT professionals. We concentrate on candidates with very strong technical skills. Our clients are technology firms and IT departments of mid and large firms. Technologies: C#, C++, Java, Python, Oracle, MS SQL and others.