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How is it possible for a person to appear to know so much about their chosen field of study, yet know so little about the other career possibilities near it? When candidates have such tunnel vision, even brilliant people who have been referred to as “geniuses” back themselves into a corner and can’t find the way out by themselves. Fortunately, with a little guidance and a lot of passion, they can not only be aware of new fields but even more importantly cross over into a more enjoyable environment.

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June 16, 2016
Who's The Genius Here?
The term “genius” is used in association with extremely intelligent individuals so often yet the term is one that we use as we look backward rather than the present moment. We read stories of people who eventually turned out to be geniuses, but early on, it’s rarely clear at all.

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In certain areas of life, it’s not that difficult to know the league you belong to. In professional baseball, if you’re paid $100 million over several years as a major league pitcher, you’re in a special league. In the arts, if you get paid $20 million for a painting, you know which league you’re in. However, in real life, understanding the league your company plays in isn’t anywhere as clear.

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